Kenno Lounge -
From one entrepreneur to another

Created by entrepreneurs

We decided to offer coworking spaces, because we needed them ourselves. Founders Marisa and Ilkka both worked from home and couldn't justify getting an office alone. We knew that entrepreneurs were looking for a solution like this. That’s why we founded Kenno Lounge.

A functional and relaxed community

Kenno Lounge was named after a beehive (Fin. kenno), because it represents a perfectly functional work community. We use the word "lounge" to refer to our relaxed atmosphere. In fact, Kenno Lounge’s offices do have many lounge-style spaces, where Kennoans can socialize with one another.

No dreary hallways or cubicles

We don't want to just offer dreary hallways and empty rooms. Members of Kenno get to enjoy many kinds of design elements in our different locations. We also understand that a cozy atmosphere is important. That’s why you are allowed to decorate your own room in any way you want.

All services available with a set monthly price

  • Flexible leases will not tie you to one place for long.

  • Unlimited use of conference rooms through the online booking calendar.

  • A fast and reliable optical fiber and WiFi connection at your disposal.

  • A color printer, photocopier and scanner are always available for use. All prints and basic office supplies are included in our service.

  • A comfortable lounge area, kitchen and other shared spaces that are always available for use.

  • Electricity and water is provided by us and cleaning services are always included in the price.

  • Coffee, tea and specialty coffee drinks, in addition to other supplies, are always available to you and your guests.

  • Your own workstation and a drawer with a lock for your personal items.

  • Reception, dressing rooms and showers, as well as the services of a lunch restaurant are available on Hämeentie and in Turku.

  • The most common magazines and newspapers are available for reading in public areas.